In the future, THE FLAME Foundation hopes to continue playing an important role in the socio-economic development of Malaysia. Our vision is outlined below:
  • 2030: Being the nation's top free education provider.

THE FLAME will continue to evolve in keeping with the needs of the hour and the needs of the country. Over the year's our team  demonstrated that THE FLAME volunteers are a committed lot who are willing to put in the effort required to bring about a change for the better in Malaysia.
Over the years, THE FLAME has succeeded in touching the lives of hundreds of children across the different projects that it has supported. However, we also realize that there is still a lot to be achieved since there are millions of children in Malaysia who do not have access to basic education. Debates and discussions are now underway among the volunteers about ways in which we can make a greater impact on the situation. As part of this learning process, we are undertaking projects to evaluate our efforts over the past decade. In the end, we hope to be able to better understand the impact we have had, and where we should focus our efforts.
All said and done, the future holds even more significant challenges for all of us as a people. It is more important than ever that every concerned person pool in his efforts and start working towards addressing these challenges. We, the volunteers of THE FLAME, believe that we are up to these challenges that the future holds for us